New Frame Media
New Frame Media is a record label based in New York, releasing music from a wide array of
genres including classical, jazz,
horror, suspense, ambient, and more. The offspring of New Frame
Productions (co-founded with Carl J. Grasso
and later Kristina Rocco) and New Frame Records,
NFM begun its journey in 2002.

In a word? Nostalgia. Even though none of us were around when half of the media on this label
was recorded, one may still feel a connection to each artist, piece, time, and place. Never before
have music lovers expressed the desire to go back in time more than we do now. Let's face it-
whereas writing music today isn't quite as complicated as it was 200 years ago, the world around
us seems to be more so. If escaping into an episode of "Inner Sanctum" or listening to a song by
Tommy Dorsey provides a brief departure from your own daily pressures, there's no better way to
get there.

Unfortunately, many classic recordings are disappearing from the pages of history and our goal is
to help stop this from happening. We hope that you will enjoy these musical gems that have been
preserved and also discover contemporary artists offered on this site.

Whatever it was that brought you here, we bid you welcome.

Michael J. Rocco
Founder & President